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Fisch & Friends provide leadership growth and development support to individuals, businesses and organisations. We enable our customers to unleash their full potential and, ultimately, transform their lives!

Fisch & Friends are grounded in more than 20 years experience of individual and organisational leadership development work. We also bring along substantive multi-year in-house expertise and hold backgrounds in the fields of Legal/Legal Operations and Compliance.

Fisch & Friends are passionate about engaging people. We love continuous learning and have genuine experience in establishing personal and organisational growth and development programmes world wide. We possess results-oriented communication and interpersonal skills within fast changing international operating environments.


Our values define who we are and how we act. They unite us and make us uniquely Fisch & Friends.
They inspire everyone within our diverse workforce and they are the ideals we live by each day.


We are one team. We are open and direct. We love to think big and leverage our collective genius. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We make the difference together with our customers. We take pride in our work and assume responsibility. We are an asset to our networks and communities.


We are curious about other people. We are adventurers and love to pursue ideas that could change the world. We continuously learn. We thrive on challenges. We embrace change and challenge the status quo. We listen to all ideas. We learn from our mistakes and take informed risks.


We achieve the highest standards of excellence. We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism. We consistently hold ourselves accountable for results. We are trusted and adhere to our word. We excel on our diversity. We encourage debate and differences of opinion.


We listen to, learn from and respond to our customers. We focus on output and execute flawlessly. We deliver! We are proud of our customers’ success. We pay attention to detail and clearly communicate intentions and expectations. We deliver innovative solutions. We are easy to collaborate with. We are the vendor and employer of choice.


Fisch & Friends are an innovative leadership development company dedicated to enabling personal growth and improving organisational culture, employee engagement and team performance.


  • Fisch & Friends support individuals, businesses and organisations in finding the courage to achieve something truly remarkable. Our customers count on us to be direct and passionate, articulate and persuasive, experiential and insightful, challenging and authentic. That is why our customers trust us.
  • Fisch & Friends strategically design and deliver collaborative coaching, learning and consulting solutions across multiple disciplines. We bring the best talent and customised services to our customers for measurable results and return on expectation.
  • Fisch & Friends support the growth of expertise and thought leadership by helping our customers “connect the dots”. We are a catalyst for change.
  • Fisch & Friends collaborate with organisations that need to meet complex personal and organisational growth objectives in today’s compelling work environment. We combine personal and organisational culture with structure, work and strategy.
  • Fisch & Friends create an environment that brings our customers the clear understanding of the real barriers that they must overcome, the practical steps needed to make things happen and how they can be accountable on their path to success.


Fisch & Friends are people development experts and we love what we do. People are yours and our biggest assets and focus. Through our collaboration with you and your people we’ll make sure it stays that way.

Our vision is fulfilled everyday by our employees, who are dedicated to delivering relevant solutions around the globe. We are committed to maintaining the trust of our customers.

  • Fisch & Friends partner with you to develop and implement actionable solutions, both for the individual as well as for your teams.
  • Fisch & Friends help you build momentum for your mission critical business causes. We assist you in achieving relevance and gaining support for your individual and team priorities.
  • Fisch & Friends help you refine and articulate your growth strategies. We wake up individuals and organisations in a dynamic environment for personal and organisational growth, reintroduce them to their potential and challenge them to use it.
  • Fisch & Friends will not waste your and our time on generating large documents or binders that will gather dust on shelves. We are committed to impact and relevant outcome! That’s what makes us trusted leadership coaches, trainers and consultants.
  • Fisch & Friends engage you and your people in interactive environments that enable dynamic collaboration! Slow death by powerpoint in windowless conference rooms isn’t for us. We thrive to build understanding through employee buy-in and engagement.
  • Fisch & Friends love it simple, effective and fun! We can do cutting edge gadgets and technology. But we can also do colored post-it notes on flipchart paper. It is as easy as that!
  • Fisch & Friends are team players. We thrive on teamwork – with our customers, suppliers and employees. We are fun and easy to work with.

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